The mighty manufacturing comeback.

After a long and rough patch, Australian manufacturing is making a comeback and we think there are three main reasons for this:


1. The Australian dollar improves: It’s not all about cost, but now that the Aussie dollar is a more reasonable level, local manufacturing is more affordable again. And when it comes to plastic packaging, you may be surprised to learn that local can be economical.

2. Risk of overseas outsourcing: Recent food contamination crises reminded us of risks associated with buying cheap and buying from markets with patchier safety records than Australia’s. These contaminations may not have been from packaging, but past scares have been from using cheap and nasty plastics or unsafe factory processes. Our Clean Room 7000 environment takes over from your own safe systems and is strictly maintained.

3. No surprises: We all love surprises on our birthday, but none of us love it when a costly container arrives at your door full of flaws. Many customers come to us for packaging having been burnt by expensive overseas mistakes. When you manufacture locally with us, you know you’ll get exactly what you ordered.