At Vacupack, we’ve helped many of the world’s most demanding firms pack products to excite customers while meeting exacting needs. Our skills in creativity, functionality and commercial viability combine to create desirability – from shelf to fridge.We invest time to understand markets and pressures our clients face. We know that needs differ from one business to the next. Where product innovation and shelf presence is a primer driver for one client, speed to market is critical for another. In working closely with your management, marketing and production people, we never stop trying to impress.

From design to delivery, a subtle change in packaging can vastly improve your outcomes – including your bottom line.

Our close-knit team, world-class technology and constant investment in our business are three reasons we’re bucking Australia’s manufacturing decline.We closely monitor international packaging trends and national industry demands. By regularly attending the world’s most respected trade shows, we stay informed on better, more creative ways to package your products.

Our new, high-tech facility in Melbourne accommodates the ever-growing business with space, greater production efficiency, more storage areas and continued clean-room production. As we’re local, your supply chain is much shorter, which minimises your risk of write-offs and improves how we respond to changes in your demand.