Recyclable Pouches – Flexibles is our latest frontier

Vacupack is on a ‘Mono Mission’. We want to provide creative ‘end of life’ solutions using mono materials where possible, for the packaging we consume. We’ve broken ground with our innovations in rigid packaging and we saw an opportunity to explore sustainable alternatives in flexibles.

In strategic partnership with Tadbik CLP, we are proud to offer REPEAT™ – 100% recyclable film, to the Australian market.

REPEAT™ addresses the market need for sustainable packaging, without compromising neither shelf appeal nor functionality. It combines multiple advantages:

  • Offers the properties and functionality of a standard multi-layer structure
  • Suitable for diverse applications including frozen food; dry foods and powders; meats; pet food; wet wipes and liquid soaps and more
  • It can be recycled just like a standard Polyethylene bag (LDPE 4)
  • Available in reels, pre-made flats, stand up pouches and zip lock pouches
  • Reverse printing capabilities in flexo, gravure or digital.

Contact us if you want to find out more about this great product!