It starts with a need or market trend. A brand new idea, or fresh life for an old favourite.

We stay informed on better, more creative ways to package your products. Even if your food or retail packaging concept comes to us on a napkin or envelope, we can quickly and painlessly transform it into a perfect finished package. Our technical skills, prototyping and tooling capability equal the world’s best.

We strive to be a proactive partner by offering better processes and more cost effective ways to pack your products. As we’re all part of the same sector, we understand the constant pressure to reduce supply costs and maintain quality. To this end, small packaging changes can have a big effect on your bottom line.

We don’t rest on our laurels. We constantly attend world trade events to bring the best technology and knowledge back to Australia. By staying ahead of packaging product trends, we give our clients a world view without you having to deal overseas.

This saves you the effort of keeping your supplier up to speed. We’re a partner that hits the ground running with the most up-to-date industry capability and know-how.

Our materials expertise includes sustainable and reusable options, and we’re ever keen to master new technical opportunities as they arise.


We use the latest in 3D software to bring packaging concepts to life.

Our ability to develop great packaging prototypes to exact specifications is a big part of our success.

We use the latest in 3D software to bring your concept swiftly to life. You'll find it so close to the finished version that there's no second guessing and costly alterations further down the track.

Together with you, we then test them and ensure the finished product is precisely what you seek. While the beauty of being local, is that you don’t have to wait and there’s no miscommunication.Great prototypes become great packaging products. Our clients tell us ours are some of the best in the market today.


With the highest standard tooling, you do it once and you do it well.

For over 15 years we’ve designed and developed our tooling in house. It’s this experience that turns plans and designs into production reality.

When clients compare Vacupack tooling to someone else's, it's an "aha" moment of realisation. Quality tooling stands the test of time and delivers consistently high-quality packaging.

Just like you, we know low prices can be tempting and the tooling stage can be a large investment. But as the backbone to great packaging for your great product, the case for doing something well and doing it once is clearcut.As our clients tell us, the hidden costs of cheap labour are too high.


Once we develop a great prototype, we turn it quickly into an exceptional product.

Our machines can produce a range of different types of packaging. Currently we produce up to 12 million parts per month. Our facility has the capacity to double this if required.

Our clients tell us many nice things, but these two delight us most:

1. ‘You’re extremely reliable.’
2. ‘Your packaging is consistently high quality.’

From sole evaluation prototypes and small market test samples to seasonal production runs and the ongoing manufacture of millions, Vacupack is a packaging company that can handle the full spectrum of scale.Our materials expertise includes sustainable and reusable options, and we’re ever keen to master new technical opportunities as they arise.


Your Vacupack-made packaging will always perform exactly as it should.

When you entrust us to develop a product of the highest standard, that's exactly what we do. We validate throughout the entire process, and stick around afterwards to ensure your bespoke packaging does precisely what it says on the box!That means packaging that's absolutely reliable, profitable and has maximum shelf appeal. Our success is measured by our customers' success.
We check and double-check:

  • Does the product run on the production-line as it should?
  • Does it deliver on the promises made?
  • Does it meet your expectations?

For us, quality control is not just a slogan, it's a value that filters through our entire business.


Your product delivered within 24 hours, anywhere in Australia for one flat fee.

We offer a flat freight, insurance and shipping (FIS) price to all Australian States across all products. We deliver what you want, where you want it, when you want it.

Our logistics partners keep stock that can be delivered to you within 24 hours. To eliminate long lead times, we track and maintain agreed min and max stock levels across all products.

By giving forward orders a two-week lead time from our warehouse to yours, we use the most cost-effective transport to optimise unit price. Bulk orders ensure better pricing still.

In short, your logistics couldn’t be simpler!