When you deal with our close-knit team, who you see is what you get. In other words, the senior staff, who pitch to you also pitch in to solve any issues you may have.

Rather than shift blame or handball to juniors, we admit issues and fix them. And though our flat organisational structure features business builders, relationship managers and technicians, you’ll never hear ‘that’s not my job’ as we all work together. Our owners, designers and top boffins are just a phone call away.

We solve client issues without prompting. Why? Because we know that practical, viable ideas set us above the pack. We therefore see issues as opportunities. Each fix makes us wiser, stronger and more renowned for superior service. (It doesn’t do you any harm, either!)

Our staff retention rate is second to none. People join us and rarely leave. Not only because we respect and reward their talent, but also because they share our love for varied, challenging and meaningful work.

Asaf Weis
Managing Director
Maree Colosimo
Sales Account Manager
Boaz Noyman
Sales Business Development
Scott Edgar
Design Engineer