Asaf Weis

  A true innovator





Expertise Summary:

• Lifelong knowledge of plastic packaging    • Sales and marketing    • Automation logic controls

• Product development and design    • Tool design and CNC manufacturing

• ISO9001 and HACCP expertise    • Sound operational knowledge in B2B markets

• Business development    • Research and development


Graduating with a degree in marketing, Asaf continued to work for his family’s business, Vacupack, where plastic packaging became second nature. For over 30 years, Vacupack has been one of Australia’s leaders in providing full-cycle thermoforming solutions to support FMCG businesses worldwide.

Asaf’s strengths lie in his high proficiency for automation logic controls and an innovative focus on all areas of plastic manufacturing. With more than 15 years of industry expertise and an overarching entrepreneurial mindset, he has been central to the expansion of Vacupack, playing a key role in strategic business development.

As a natural innovator, Asaf founded the design and development department at Vacupack, including product design, tool design and the CNC machining of tooling. This important development was then followed by his implementation of ISO9001 and HACCP accreditation at Vacupack.

Throughout his career, Asaf has been exposed to the operations of numerous food processing plants, along with their various automation systems. This experience furthered his knowledge of the packaging industry, while establishing integral industry contacts and forging strong client relationships.

One of Asaf’s main driving forces is a keen understanding of B2B relationships, while also continuing to maintain a connection with his team on the factory floor.  His knowledge and respect for all levels of business operations highlights a holistic outlook of the importance of all elements in achieving optimum results.

As Vacupack’s business development manager, Asaf received client feedback on Australia’s IML sector – the overwhelming consensus was that it lacks dedication, service levels are low and expertise is too thinly spread. After conducting market research, Vacupack and Asaf took the initiative to answer the market with an independent, customer-focused, highly specialised manufacturing facility, FocusIML.

As a firm entrepreneur, Asaf’s capabilities led him to unite fellow industry experts Ben Glick and Deane Barnes to form FocusIML. At FocusIML, Asaf’s focus remains on innovation and building on his creative flair, while integrating both people and processes across the organisation.  In doing so, he remains a keen observer of current and planned developments in plastics and packaging technology through market research, networking, observation and attendance of worldwide industry trade fairs.



 Ben Glick

  Builds lines from scratch





Expertise Summary:

• Plastic injection moulding specialist    • Multi-cavity and thin-wall in-mould-labelling applications   • Robotics

• Product quality improvements    • Engineering and ergonomics expert   • IML manufacturing


After graduating with an Advanced Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering, Ben moved to Israel to work with renowned plastic manufacturer and mould designer Rimoni Industries, who specialise in injected moulded parts for the European automotive and medical industries. He gained more than three years of high-level international experience.

Since his return to Australia, Ben has excelled in the plastic injection moulding field, working with VIP and Alto by facilitating large-scale IML projects while also developing his in-depth knowledge of the food packaging industry.

In this setting, he shows a natural aptitude for IML technology, marking himself out as a true industry leader in the implementation, production and management of the process.

This particular expertise stems from Ben’s involvement with a host of world renowned IML system giants including:

Imdecol (Israel)

Machines Pagès (France)

Wittmann (Austria)

Netstal (Switzerland)

Ben’s focus is to continuously improve product quality, manufacturing efficiency and waste reduction techniques. A strong creative flair combined with an innate strength in the integration of aesthetics, engineering and ergonomics, paired with a love of problem solving continues to propel Ben in furthering his expertise in IML.



 Deane Barnes

  Clear vision to succeed





Expertise Summary:

• General management    • Logistics management    • Sales, operations and marketing

• Manufacturing    • Strategic planning    • Finance and detailed cost modelling

• Budgetary monitoring    • Negotiation    • Team building


With more than 15 years’ experience as a manager across various industries, Deane holds a sound knowledge of all aspects of operations and production, working across all facets of industry on an international scale.

Deane started his career at Civic Transport, quickly rising to the position of operations manager.  Using his knowledge of the transport industry, he secured a new role as the logistics manager for Soda-Stream Australasia. In 2005, Deane moved overseas to manage the operations of Soda-Stream New Zealand, providing him with the opportunity to advance his skill set and further his knowledge in all aspects of logistics, purchasing, sales and marketing, finance, cost modelling and FMCG, adding to an already-extensive portfolio.

His vast experience in numerous industry sectors in Australia and overseas led Deane to his role as General Manager at Vacupack.  This position expanded his solid skill base in critical business management areas including finance, HR, lean manufacturing and production management.

Deane’s focus is on integrating people and processes to deliver tangible results with true operational excellence.  As a core member of the FocusIML operation, Deane brings forth crucial expertise in strategic planning, finance, negotiation, logistics, supply chain efficiencies, continuous process improvement and customer service.