Over the years, our Melbourne-based family business has quietly built a reputation as Australia’s go-to partner for full-cycle thermoformed packaging.

Today, we make thermoformed packaging for the food, retail and medical industries. In so doing, we continue to rival (and even rile!) packaging suppliers both local and overseas.

As industry experts, we know how frustrating it is to manage multiple suppliers. That’s why we’ve developed our capabilities to offer you the entire cycle – packaging design, tooling and production – under one roof.

By investing in the world’s finest machinery, we’re meeting every capability our clients expect from partners bigger, better known and (much) further away than we are.

Along the way, our dedicated teams have gained extensive experience providing customised single-process and end-to-end packaging solutions to a broad range of businesses in Australia and worldwide.

Our clients are some of the world’s most iconic brands. Companies that can’t afford excuses.


Clients tell us it’s a huge advantage to physically sit at a table
with world-class designers. It’s the fastest way they know to devise packaging.

We’ve built a reputation for end-to-end delivery of creative, cost-effective packaging solutions. Sometimes, a slight change in your process is all that stands between you and massive rewards. But it takes passionate experts to see it. That’s us.

With a sound grasp of your business, we’re there from design to delivery – and beyond. And we have partners along the supply chain that we’ve worked with for many fruitful years.

Nailing issues before they become problems doesn’t happen by magic. To anticipate your needs before even you realise them, we take great pains to understand your business. (If you think kids ask lots of questions, wait till you’ve worked with us!)

Once we know your operation back to front, we start finding ways and packaging solutions to reduce your costs and improve efficiency. To this end, we make your relationship with us as easy as humanly possible.


We are one of Australia's only true entire-cycle thermoform companies and it all happens right here in our state-of-the-art Melbourne facility.

Clients prefer dealing face-to face with us and having one supply partner from start to finish. For those who outsource and get burnt, the hidden cost of ‘cheap’ production is too great a risk to repeat.

We've always been reliable, responsive with world-class capabilities. We still are.

We’re also one of very few packaging manufacturers in Australia who enforce stringent hygiene guidelines across their facility.

Our Clean Room7000 production environment is strictly maintained, with all staff and visitors following safety procedures on site and throughout the packaging manufacturing process.Product contamination and other scares often make global news. And repairing a reputation can cost more than the mass recall that trashed it. This is as critical to us as it is to you and your customers. It's an area in which Vacupack is a true leader.