Industry Night – Packaging Innovation

Vacupack was invited to host an industry night on behalf of SPE (Society of Plastics Engineers) back in April.

With over thirty industry professionals in attendance, it was a fantastic evening filled with great discussions and amazing presentations on all things packaging.

We began the night with a presentation from Asaf Weis, Vacupack’s MD. He spoke about the history of Vacupack, our latest projects and what the future looks like for Vacupack.

Dr Simon Lockrey, RMIT University, followed with a presentation on food waste and the role packaging plays. Adam Norris, Monash Food Innovation, provided insights into user design and innovation. Last, but certainly not the least, Dr Roya Khalil, Incitec Pivot Fertilisers, who discussed how products and R&D can influence packaging.


Some key insights and points of discussions included:

  • Perception of the customers and end users is just as important as the packaging innovation itself. Companies will more likely invest in packaging innovations that customers will perceive it as an eco-friendly alternative. Therefore, it is important to further educate consumers, allowing them to make a more informed choice when it comes to purchases.
  • Waste occurs in every step of the supply chain. It is our responsibility as suppliers in the product chain to provide the best solutions to this ‘war on plastics’. Whether it is focusing on compostable, recyclable or other sustainable alternatives, it has become a concern that we must address moving forward in the packaging industry.
  • There was a consensus that the industry needed to make changes: government regulations and initiatives; companies committing to more sustainable products; customers buying more sustainable products as well as being educated on waste management are vital in moving towards a more circular economy and ultimately eliminating single-use plastics

We capped the night off with a tour of Vacupack’s facilities, giving guests an exclusive look into our state-of-the-art clean room, certified FSSC22000, and a preview of what we’ve got coming up.

Vacupack wants to thank everyone who attended, and a special thanks to our presenters: Dr Simon Lockrey, Adam Norris, Dr Roya Khalil and Asaf Weis. A very big thank you to SPE and Han Michel for giving us this opportunity and support in making this a successful event.